Born out of passion for timeless pieces and an obsession with fashion since an early age I always wanted to create something simple that will last a lifetime and doesn't go out of style. Sadly the fashion industrie is one of the biggest waste producer worldwide so I decided early on that I don't want to buy fabrics to produce something long-lasting. When I found a piece of fabric I bought ages ago I made a headband out of it because I wasn't able to sew anything clothing related from stratch at that time. I quickly realized that I had more similar fabrics and started to go into "production" and made more headbands. 

One thing led to another and here we are: I collected several fabrics from preloved fitted sheets to tiny fabric leftovers of my friends´ slow fashion clothing label "DETTKE" to revitalize them into new products. 

That means there is close to no waste, no newly bought fabrics and therefore no impact on our environment! Plus my friends from "DETTKE" don't have to worry about where to put their fabric "waste".

The headbands are exclusively sold online and made to order. Because there is only a limited quantity of headbands of each color and style the headband you order is one of a kind!

I always lived for the summertime so the headbands are inspired by long summer nights, cold ocean dips, the smell of flowers, sunscreen and freshly picked strawberries! That way you have summer with you all year round no matter where you are.

I hope you enjoy your little piece of summer.





Additional duties and taxes

Delivery to Non-EU countries can incure additional custom duties and value added taxes (VAT), which are not included in the price and shipping cost listed on our website. As a small business we are not able to undertake additional costs through duties and/or taxes. Sorry!

Why are the same products I ordered different to each other?

Every item is made by hand and from leftover/preloved fabrics. That can cause the "same" product to vary slightly. Before we ship each item out we carefully examine it to prevent flaws. If you're even though not happy with your order please send us an email and we will look after it! <3

The package it came in looked rundown and used

To prevent waste in any shape and form we preferably like to use packaging that's already there. That means we keep boxes and envelopes from various orders we placed in our business and private lifes that are still good looking and intact. So if the packaging your goods came in looked a little shabbier that's why!

How long does the shipping take?

Because everything is handmade by only one person the shipping process can take a bit longer than you're maybe used to. Before your goods are out for delivery it can take up to 1 week for producing it. Afterwards you get you're tracking number via email.