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Studio Rosa

Scrunchie Hay

Scrunchie Hay

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You know it´s summer when you look over the fields where the hay dries in the burning sun. That's exactly what the Rosa Scrunchie Hay is all about! It´s made from Cotton leaving it to have a super soft surface perfect for holding your hair without damaging it! It's made from a tiny fabric leftover. The inside is a solid hair tie thoughtfully sourced and then hand crafted into the cutest scrunchie.

Available in sizes Mini and Large.

100% Cotton

Due to the fabrics used not being bought but second hand it's not 100% sure what exactly they're made of so there is no accurate specification possible. Please keep that in mind <3

Washing instruction:

Please only wash if needed. Due to the uncertainty of the material washing might damage the item.

Hand wash cold

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not bleach

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